What is trail running?
There are numerous ways of defining trail personally it is about running in nature, it’s about pushing boundaries and challenging your body over various terrain, be it hiking trails, rolling hills or winding your way through forests and grasslands. Trail running is a way of escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is a way of appreciating and connecting with nature and exploring places that no one else can get to, in essence “Roads Less Travelled”.

My Experiences and Favourite Races,
Many years ago when trail running first came into South Africa there is was a race in Pretoria, at that stage I was a decent road, cross country and track athlete but that trail race was the hardest race I had ever done. I was hooked. Now more of trail athlete I enjoy some of the more technical trails, one of my favourites being Salmon Bastille trail. Locally I love the Hedianga Beast, Wildjoburg and the Merrel Botanical Gardens races. Though saying that I enjoy participating in as many races as I can because each race has different terrain, a different vibe and is a good way of training and exploring our country.

My Road less Travelled
It has been a dream of mine to organize trail races and in October 2014 that dream became a reality with our inaugural event Rock Rabbit on tricky terrain and this has become our signature run. My Road less travelled aims to challenge runners to push boundaries whilst exploring untapped areas. Venues are chosen by the variety in terrain that you will experience from jeep tracks, single tracks to no tracks at all. We want Gauteng runners to get stronger to be able to compete on a higher level in other provinces.

Rabbit Series
People often ask why the Rabbit for series? For me a rabbit evokes feelings of boundless energy, agility and endurance: qualities each runner has from the speed demons at the front to final finisher across the line.