“My Road Less Travelled” together with EIMS (Pty) Ltd promote the sustainability of Trail Running in South Africa. To this end “My Road Less Travelled” has taken cognizance of the following environmental aspects during their events, though:

  1. Using only biodegradable materials for trail marking to reduce the waste footprint of events and prevent animals from ingesting harmful materials.

  2. Selecting venues that are conservation areas in order to promote tourism and conservation to showcase SA’s natural beauty;

  3. Utilising the input from farm managers/conservation staff for all events to ensure route planning has a minimal impact on fauna and flora – in addition, entries to races are limited by the ecosystem resilience of the area;

  4. No mechanical clearing is undertaken for trails and all trails are kept in their natural state without any interference;

  5. All waste generated by the event is disposed of safely and efficiently.

EIMS is proud to support “My Road Less Travelled” in their endeavor to promote sustainability.