Fury Ford Fourways - Trail FEST!

My Road Less Travelled is proud to partner with Fury Ford Fourways and take our trail running to the next level. The Fury Ford Fourways Trail Fest is a new chapter for MRLT as we present our first Ultra Trail Race ever!

Taking on an Ultra Trail is no small task! Our partnership with Fury Ford Fourways comes with great pride as we will have the experience of Salomon Elite, Jock Green to assist and consult as we tackle this long term and long distance challenge.

Fury Ford Fourways Trail Fest

Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/LwpBJJAqPQL2

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Distances and Prices: 10km Trail Race - R110 20km Trail Race - R240 30km Trail Race - R330 50km Trail Race - R450

Entries available on the day, there is a R20 surcharge.

Pre-Entries close on the 12th April 2018​

Start Times:

Registration: 05h30

10km Trail Race - 08h00 20km Trail Race - 07h30 30km Trail Race - 07h00 50km Trail Race - 06h30

Cash prizes to top 3 men and woman in 50km, 30km and 20km event.

Custom medals to all finishers.

Lucky Draw prizes with a total value of over R30 000,00

Compulsory Gear:

  • 1L water on 10km and 20km races.

  • 2L water on all other races.

  • Sun protection and Sun-cream

  • Space Blanket

  • Cell Phone with emergency contact - Nina (083 275 2362)

  • Personal Snacks and Nutrition

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Route Descriptions, Profiles

50km Route Description

6h30 sharp, at the start of the race there is a 2.5km warm up through an easy single track route, where you immediately begin to climb through a technical path to the top of the first ridge. The first water point will be just before the 9km. Running the top of the ridge until you make your way down past the waterfall. The route throughout is very difficult, technical and requires quite a lot of focus on your foot placing all along until the last 12 km where you go through flat land, making your way through forests. Other water points will be stationed before the 20km, and 30km with the last water point placed at the 40km.

30km Route Description

This 30km is one of the toughest routes offered. Start at 7h00 sharp, it begins with a 2.5km warm up through a single track into a hard climb to the top of the first ridge. Running along the top of the ridge, the is then a technical descent to the waterfall. Route mostly consists of technical running but still capable to push quite fast through parts of the route. Water points are situated at the 9km and 20km points of the course.

20km Route Description

Short 2.5 km warm up, straight towards a technical climb to the top of the ridge, where you will make your way past the waterfall which is a difficult descent. Fairly easy running after the waterfall however still quite technical, make your way past a graveyard splitting the route from the 30km and merge later through the forest towards the finish.

10km Route Description

Easy 2.5km warm up and into the difficult climb making your way through to the technical descent past the waterfall. Quite easy going towards the finish line. There will be a 8km water point

Cut off times

All categories have an 11 hour cut off

50km - water point 2 (7 hour cut ) | water point 3 ( 9 hour cut) | water point 4 (10 hour cut)

30km - water point 2 (7 hour cut)



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