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MRLT and Fury Ford Fourways have linked up together to create Ford’s first ever trail running event. The event comprises of 4 different categories; a 50km, 30km, 20km and 10km routes all of which begin on the 15th April 2018 (this upcoming Sunday).

Jock Green, DP of the Fury Ford Fourways and Salomon Elite trail runner, went out onto the course and ran the 50km route.

Here are some of his thoughts on how to tackle this trail.

Event Information:

Q&A between Nina and Jock:

Nina: You ran the 50km route for the Fury Ford Fourways Trail Fest, what was your favorite part of the route?

Jock: Definitely the trail leading into and out of of the waterfall. Beautiful!

Nina: What last minute training tips do you have for athletes?

Jock: There’s not much left that one can do now. I’d recommend an easy run on Wednesday and a short run on Friday with three or four x 1km intervals. Rest Thursday and Saturday. Try get as much sleep as possible during this week.

Nina: In your opinion what would be the best strategy to race the 50km?

Jock: There’s a pretty tough climb after around 4/5 km, followed by a rather technical traverse of the mountain and descent toward the waterfall. It’s critical that you start well within yourself and take care of your footing over this section. After the waterfall, the trail starts opening up into a clear, well worn path but has a couple of nasty little uphills, tempo your effort here too.

The second half of the course is over undulating, fast flowing trail where, if you have saved your legs, the going will be easy. In a nutshell, easy the first half, open up the second half!

Jock will unfortunately not be racing as he has signed up and plans to win the Ultra Trail Drakensberg 100Miler.

Thanks for the tips Jock!

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