Success - FFF Trail Fest

The Fury Ford Fourways Trail Fest - Success!

On the 15th April 2018, My Road Less Travelled hosted its first Ultra Trail event in partnership with Fury Ford Fourways.

The event consisted of some exclusive trails of 10km, 20km, 30km and 50km in Kings Kloof MTB Trails that were made available for the participants for the first time. Just over 500 participants bobbed along technical trails, took in spectacular views and challenged themselves both physically and mentally through the various routes available.

Water points along the way, allowed for some refreshments and a sweet tooth satisfaction, and a great chance to just catch your breath and appreciate where you were and what you had already accomplished throughout the race before looking forward to finishing the race.

All participants made it back to the finish with smiles on their faces. Be sure to follow My Road Less Travelled on Facebook for all the photos of the event thanks to Terence as photographer for catching all the hardships, great energy and wonderful views that the racers had.

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